At the time, they were both on different career paths but both have a love for event organising, live music, activating unused spaces and celebrating the best of times. After 12 months of procrastination, the temptation became too great. While holidaying on different sides of the world, one owner overheating in the 40-degree heat and the other freezing in minus 40-degree Canadian temperatures, the button was pressed over drinks on Facetime.

The Captains are passionate about food and drink. Hello Sailor's owners are both well-travelled and needed to bring their years of life experiences to their beloved hometown. They want to share their love of world inspired street food, exciting cocktails (with an emphasis on Hello Sailor made and fresh-made), support our craft beer industry (especially local) and promote great Aussie wines whilst sneaking in some international flavours.

Hello Sailor brings that holiday festival vibe that has been missing in the beautiful Hastings region. We have something for all and our staff take incredible pride in how it’s delivered.

High Tides & High Times

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